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What do we mean by sustainability and sustainable approach?

To us sustainability means: make the footprint we leave on this earth as small as possible and realize as much positive impact as possible.

IT starts with the trias energetica:

  • Minimize the need for energy

  • Use renewable sources

  • If fossil fuels are needed, use those efficiently and clean.

We add to this the need for local production of renewable energy and local balancing, to minimize the impact on the energy net with regard to peaks and troughs in the energy net.


But next to energy sustainability also means:

  • Conscious waste-management

  • Good water-management (reduction of need for water, use of rainwater, cleaning and circular system)

  • Local food production

  • Integration in local economy

  • Social integration

  • BREEAM and/or  LEED certification

  • Use of re-growable and circular materials,

  • Sustainable construction process

  • Conscious transportation

  • Timeless architecture of buildings and surroundings

  • Green and blue infra that contribute to a healthy climate in the area

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