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Why develop

in a different way?


In the built environment sustainable and circular development is preached, but still put too little into action

Fossil raw material are running out and we need to reduce pollution. CO2 emissions must be reduced. But this should not be at the expense of the comfort and quality of living or the health of the people who live in the homes we make. Sustainability and circularity are hot topics to talk about, but far too little is it put into practice yet. Sustainability, circularity and health should be the starting point for future proof developments.

We have to change. Sustainability is not a glamour layer over the existing, but is a starting point that you have to approach integrally from the beginning to the end.

The solution

For the last few years we have worked on sustainability issues in the construction sector. There are sufficient (technical) innovative solutions, but a lot of knowledge is not shared. Too few connections are made. This creates a sub-optimal solution.

By approaching the development and building process differently, this can be remedied. We call this new approach Integrated Sustainable Development.

Through this method of development, we create sustainable housing, sustainable neighborhoods and sustainable communities.

The result

State-of-the-art-example-projects that may be experimented in but that are no experiments by themselves. The techniques used are proven. There is CO2 reduction. The residents get a more pleasant, healthier living climate, both in the home and in the neighborhood. This means there is more impact and the scale benefits make it more affordable. The impact of the buildings on the environment and social well-being is also involved in the process. This new way of developing brings change (disruption) in the sector.

de methode
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Combining talent and expertise


Within DGV Group we feel the need to approach things differently in order to achieve a better result for people and the future of our planet. As a Project Developer new style, DGV acts as the overall coordinator of the entire process. DGV ensures that all participating parties are aware of the sustainability needs and the implications that this has for the choices to be made. All team members work from their own background and discipline with the same vision, together in connection for the larger whole. This creates synergy that leads to the highest result.

True sustainable development, that contributes to a better society now and a better future for our children.

Development and managing of sustainable circular area development is our specialization. We know the market like no other, but we also know how to listen to the wishes of our clients in a very pure way. We convert this together into possibilities. We help to make dreams a reality. But above all, we have a very pragmatic approach to the sustainable challenge, no theoretical arguments.

​DGV Group is a network of partners that have earned their spurs in sustainability and circularity.

This keeps the overhead low, we can adapt quickly and every job gets the customization that it deserves.


PORTFOLIO update in progress

DGV Group has its roots in the Netherlands, but has a wide international history as well. There are a few examples of projects. 



DGV Group can be reached via: (Tijdelijk niet bereikbaar)

Tel: 06 22 92 07 71

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